NetSanity easily adds cloud based parental controls to any iPad, iPhone or iPod - block inappropriate apps and web content on your kid's Apple mobile devices!

Complement iPhone Parental Controls with NetSanity. Filter inappropriate content, protect teens and young children from online threats, set time controls and more. Demo our exclusive parental control features for all Apple Mobile Devices - iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. Try out our cloud and Easily block 30+ web categories, internet apps, specific websites, and much more!

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Instantly Block Apps and Internet in Real Time

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Now, simply disable Internet access remotely on any enrolled iPhone, and keep their eyes on the road while driving!


Block specific apps instantly with the click of a button. Turn apps on and off in real time, remotely!


Premium Content Filtering to protect your kids, regardless of whether surfing via the browser OR when using an Internet App


Time for bed? Set and forget a time table for your kids Internet use.

Manage Your Family with NetSanity - Anywhere In The World!

Whether at home or on the go, our parental controls dashboard works beautifully on desktop, tablet and mobile screens.

  • Parental Dashboard

    Parental Dashboard

    Take your iPad or any tablet, log-in to your dashboard and take control! Fast, easy, and secure.

  • Mobile Responsive Admin Portal

    Mobile Responsive Admin Portal

    The dashboard gives parents complete remote access with a few clicks of a button.

  • Enroll Your Child's Device in Under 10 Seconds

    Enroll Your Child's Device in Under 10 Seconds

    Start a Free 7 Day Trial Today!

Plans & Pricing

We have an affordable plan for every parent and loved one. Choose from a no-obligation monthly plan or save big with one of our pre-paid annual plans - either way, we got your family covered!


Starting at $5.95 / monthly

Plans for 1 -5 devices. No long term commitments AND a Free Trial!

  • Includes 7-Day Free Trial
  • Includes All Blocker Features
  • Parental Dashboard
  • Choose from 1 - 5 device licenses
  • No Long term commitments
  • Supports iOS 8
  • Click Below To Select License Qty.


Starting at $59.95 / year

Plans for 1 - Unlimited licenses. Choose a pre-paid plan and save big!

  • Save up to 40% with an annual plan!
  • Includes All Blocker Features
  • Parental Dashboard
  • Choose from 1 - UNLIMITED personal licenses
  • A Full Year's Worth of Protection
  • Supports iOS 8
  • Click Below To Select License Qty.

Parents Need NetSanity Mobile Service Now More Than Ever

NetSanity Mobile Service is designed for any parent or guardian who has school-aged children using Apple Mobile Devices.

Parents! Get what you really need - full Parental Control over iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A safe browser is great but how can you selectively block apps like KiK, Yik Yak, or Instagram? Parental control software and apps seem cool, but most kids can uninstall. Our service is totally different and revolutionary! Finally, disable apps and categories that you feel are inappropriate – or, simply disable them during certain times of the day! Do this remotely and instantly; get your sanity back! See a complete list of apps parents can currently block using NetSanity.

Manage everything from your convenient parental dashboard - accessible from any device connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world. Connect unlimited iPhones, iPads or iPod Touch.

NetSanity Mobile is easy to enroll, easy to install, and easy to customize; your kids are only exposed to the content you select. Try us out for free.

"..Despite all the rules we made, my kids always found a way to get around them and I always felt the Internet had more power than me. Oh but not any more. I'm finally in control. And I didn't need a degree from MIT to stay one step ahead..."

Stacy, Dallas

"We had some issues with our teen. Anyway all I will say is that she could put the phone down in the car. Now, we just press the button that shuts down the internet until she gets to where she is going."

Kimberly, Charlotte

"Great service! We have our younger kids totally blocked from dangerous sites now and it does not matter if they surf the web or use apps - super cool. Thanks!"

Anne, Tennessee

"I really am loving NetSanity for my son's new iPhone 5s. Very user friendly and works instantly!"

J H, Texas

"As a family we have tried numerous online safety options with our kids and this is by far the most comprehensive that we have used so far. Keep up the good work! My wife and I appreciate you all."

Mike, Indiana

"Awesome Support! To get a response on Christmas Day was awesome. I never expected a response."

Wilford, Kingston, Jaimaica

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Our iPad and iPhone Parental Controls Are Impressing Parents Everywhere!

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