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Revolutionary Features Developed By Parents, For Parents

  • appblocker - block apps on iphone and ipad | Netsanity

    Disable an array of apps and games with the click of a button and say goodbye to inappropriate SnapChat photos and Twitter posts.

  • timeblocker - set time limits on apple mobile devices | netsanity

    Remotely enable or disable internet access in one-hour increments and make study time and bedtime non-negotiable.

  • block apps on iPhone and iPad

    Use our premium filtering to enable or disable over 30 categories and stop worrying about explicit content popping up on your school-aged kids’ iPads.

  • parental controls for apple mobile devices

    Allow or block specific websites and build a custom internet for your school-aged kids.

  • apple parental controls - iOS devices

    Remotely and instantly control which apps are visible on your child’s device based on Apple age ratings, and stop worrying about every new app that comes out.

  • screenlock - Block Internet on iOS devices | Netsanity

    Instantly lock your child’s iOS device from anywhere and watch “I’ll be there in a minute” become “I’m on my way”.

Your balanced meal includes a healthy dose of dinnertime conversation.

What parents are saying about Netsanity

  • Despite all the rules we made, my kids always found a way to get around them and I always felt the Internet had more power than me. Oh but not any more. I’m finally in control. And I didn’t need a degree from MIT to stay one step ahead!

    Stacy in Dallas
  • We had some issues with our teen. Anyway all I will say is that she couldn’t put the phone down in the car. Now, we just press the button that shuts down the internet until she gets to where she is going.

    Kimberly in Charlotte
  • As a family we have tried numerous online safety options with our kids and this is by far the most comprehensive that we have used so far. Keep up the good work! My wife and I appreciate you all.

    Mike in Indiana
He’s taking over the family station wagon. You’re sleeping like a baby knowing he can’t be distracted by his favorite apps.

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