Mobile Parental Controls for Apple iOS & Android Samsung devices – at home, and on the go.
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  • Parental controls for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Samsung Android devices
  • Control the mobile devices your kids use
  • Shield your child from X-rated content
  • Set time and app limits you can depend on
  • FREE 14 Day Trial – No CC Required!

Netsanity is a mobile parental control service made to protect your kids & teens, in a way that makes sense for you, the parent.

What an amazing opportunity it is to be a child or teen growing up in this new “digital” age, but there are also dangers. As parents, we can’t verify every app, or check every website. Just like your kids will take advantage of technology to get around your rules, you can use it to your advantage to enforce them. Setting parental controls is easy with Netsanity. Of course, there are iPad parental controls and Android parental controls built into those devices (often found under Restrictions) but those operating systems are created to serve billions of people! We think your family deserves something a little more custom. If your kids use Apple devices then you can enroll iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices quickly, no app required. If your kids use Android Samsung devices then you will download an Android parental control app that will allow you to enroll those devices in Netsanity. As the parent,  you will be able to monitor and control those enrolled devices from any Internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world! How’s that for control?

Watch the video to get a peek inside our dashboard.

appblocker - block apps on iphone and ipad | Netsanity

Block an array of apps on iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and Android Samsung devices along with most games with the click of a button. Say goodbye to inappropriate Snapchat photos and Twitter posts.

Block Websites on iPhone and Android | Netsanity

Allow or block specific websites and build a custom internet for your school-aged kids. Siteblocker gives you full control over where you kids surf the web.

Schedule Time Limits on Apple and Android Device | Netsanity

Remotely enable or disable internet access in one-hour increments and make study time and bedtime non-negotiable. Set flexible bedtimes for kids. Very popular parental control for iPad!

Safe Search Google Bing | Netsanity

Make sure your kids are finding appropriate content online via search engines. Built-in restrictions block explicit content in app stores and safe browsers can be bypassed or uninstalled. Safesearch works!

Premium Content Filtering for Apple iOS & Android | Netsanity

Use our premium content filtering to enable or disable over 30 categories and stop worrying about explicit content popping up on your school-aged kids’ smartphones and tablets.

Locate Apple Android Devices with Google Maps | Netsanity

Pull up geo-specific information about your child’s last known wherabouts based on GPS. Get peace of mind with our new feature Locate

Parents are loving their new found “sanity” they get using our parental controls for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Samsung devices. Read our most recent testimonials and reviews below.

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Thanks for your quick response. Y'all are really awesome!
Cindy Johnson

Very quick to respond and was very helpful!


Great, fast service!


We were very happy that there was no issue with using data with the VPN used by net sanity. Though the safe search issue was frustrating, we were totally happy with the service provided by the support/tech team in solving it as quickly as possible! I'm already certain I'd recommend net sanity to others. Thanks!


Been using your parental controls for two weeks and love the service. It is truly unique in its capabilities for iOS devices.


Thanks to the tech and support team for promptly communicating with us for several hours to solve the safe search issue - and resolving it!


Customer service is top notch!

Amy in Germantown TN

Keep it up and thanks for all you do! We now can use these iOS parental controls at my sons school with the new safe wifi feature. They were blocking it before so it works great again! Anyway let us know when the Android version is out.

Manny in Dallas, TX

Just a shout out and thank you for the discount! Our small school has about 8 tablets for special needs children. We use Netsanity exclusively to help monitor and control the content on the kid's iPads. They do not need to do anything and we control everything remotely.


I asked for Meet Me to be added to Appblocker. A few days later, I got an email from Netsanity that they were going to add it and they did! That is cool! Thanks again.

Jackie in UK