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13 Awesome Halloween Apps for Android & Apple

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13 Awesome Halloween Apps

for Android & Apple

Hereeeee’s Johnny… and a list of really awesome Halloween apps. Brought to you by the scary folks at Netsanityhang out with zombies, carve pumpkins, and bob for apples with Charlie Brown.  Use your smartphone or tablet to bring the undead to life this Halloween season!

1. Shoot The Zombirds

This addictive game allows you to take charge as a pumpkin-headed boy as you try to save all the little pumpkin children! You’re only objective is to shoot down the zombie birds before they take those precious pumpkiddos away. With its vividly detailed graphics you collect points and coins as you go through each spooky and haunted level. Available for Android for free.

2. Halloween Live Wallpaper World

Watch as your phone background goes ghost… or bat, or pumpkin, or witch. Halloween Live Wallpaper World gives you an animated and interactive wallpaper to really get you into the Halloween spirit! Choose from different wallpaper options, adjust speed and sound (yes, sound), and even unlock spooky ecards that you can send to your friends! Available on Android for $0.99.

3. Pumpkin Carver Pro HD

Do your pumpkin carving without the mess! A fun and interactive app for the little ones, Pumpkin Carver Pro lets you choose a pumpkin that you can turn into a masterpiece with the help of different tools. Keep the fun on your phone or use this app as practice so you can finally beat the Jones at the neighborhood pumpkin carving contest. Available on Android for $1.99 (free version also available).

4. Plants vs. Zombies 2

This award-winning game requires strategy as you take on evil zombies with powerful plants. Make your way through each level using the Fire Peashooter and Laser Bean to defeat Swashbuckler Zombie and the rest of the undead. Available on Android and iPhone for free.

5. The Room

“How are you, old friend? If you’re reading this, then it worked. I only hope you can still forgive me.” Put your mind to the test as you make your way through this 3D puzzle game. Uncover mysteries as you unlock safes and solve riddles. Follow the storyline until you reach the end. If you have what it takes to find The Room, then you can try your hand at The Room 2 and 3! Available for Android for $0.99.

6. Into the Dead

All that’s left in the world are zombies… and you. Into the Dead places you right in the thick of the zombie apocalypse. Run as fast as you can while earning weapons along the way. Work your way through fields and avoid the undead at all costs. These zombies are after you. Will you survive?
Available for Android and iPhone for free.

7. Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Relive this classic Halloween tale with Charlie and the gang in this interactive storybook. Narrated by the original voice of Charlie Brown, follow along on the search for the Great Pumpkin. Not only do you jump into the story, but you can create a character to dress up for a halloween costume contest, bob for apples, and go trick-or-treating! Available for Android and iPhone for $5.99.

8. Ghost Observer

Feeling haunted? This tool helps you detect, observe, and interact with ghosts! It uses advanced technology to detect and analyze any spirits around you. Take this to a haunted house or spooky graveyard and see who you can’t see. Available for Android and iPhone for free.

9. Turned: Zombie Effects

Zombie or survivor? You decide! Upload a selfie, apply some effects, and turn into a either in seconds! Real Hollywood special effects in the palm of your hand. Give your friends a scare by recording and sending videos with your realistic zombie apocalypse makeover. Available for Android and iPhone for free.

10. Bubble Witch 2 Saga

From the good people that brought you Candy Crush comes this adorable shooting puzzle game. Join Stella as you burst bubbles level by level trying to fend off evil spirits. With beautiful graphics Bubble Witch 2 will be your go to game this Halloween season. Available for Android and iPhone for free.

11. Ghostbusters: Slime City

Who ya gonna call? YOU! Get your Ghostbuster squad together and head into New York City. Your mission is to defeat the ghosts and demons as they try to overrun the city. You’ll need your proton pack to blast away the bad guys. You’re Manhattan’s only hope! Can you save them? Available for Android and iPhone for free.

12. Kids Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles

With 30 puzzles to choose from, put together some of your favorite Halloween images. Everything from bats and jackolanterns to castles and graveyards. Choose your picture and how many pieces you want it to be. Earn rewards as you complete puzzles. This app is great for kids! Available for Android for free.

13. Halloween Ringtones

Get into the Halloween spirit every time someone calls you! This app lets you choose a fun or scary Halloween sound that you can set as a ringtone or even an alarm. The sound of mummy zombies will be sure to get you out of bed in the morning. Or apply a terrifying shriek to your mother-in-law’s contact info. Either way, you’ll have loads of entertainment each time your phone goes off. Available for Android for free.

Not sure you want your little monsters getting a hold of these apps? Netsanity helps you take back control of your pumpkids’ devices. Use features like appblocker and gameblocker to manage what your kids & teens can and cannot play/watch/read. Keep the kids from seeing dead people this Halloween. Get started with your free trial today!

Photos- https://play.google.com/store/apps?hl=en

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