The 3 a.m. Challenge: What Parents Need to Know

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The latest social media challenge may be keeping your younger children up at night! It’s called “The 3 a.m. challenge”.

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What is the 3 a.m. Challenge?

The 3 a.m. Challenge is a recent  social media dare  that is making its way around on YouTube. In this particular online challenge participants attempt to perform a specific task at 3 in the morning, they attempt things like calling strangers on the phone, calling God  or even playing with fidget spinners, to see if a ghost or spirit from the “other side” respond on camera. According to some of the various videos posted, if you spin a fidget spinner three times in a row right at 3 a.m., you will get a phone call from a stranger or potentially other creepy things may happen in the room. Many of these videos have gained millions of views on YouTube. Why 3 a.m.? Apparently, some people call it the “the witching or devils hour”.3 am challenge

Who started it?

YouTube creators like Jason Ethier, who has a channel on  YouTube ImJayStation, where he has uploaded creepy 3 a.m. videos seeking paranormal activity.  Another popular YouTuber who has been associated with the same type of creepy video challenge is Ruby Rube. Her videos have become pretty popular on YouTube with children around the world. She has made various 3 a.m. videos, many of which have gotten over a million views each! Her most popular ones find her talking to Siri,  calling her school at 3 in the morning, or even receiving a call from a ghost girl.What is the 3 am Challenge?

What Can Parents Do?

As you can imagine, these videos while entertaining can be disturbing at bedtime for younger children. We always recommend talking to your children about how these videos are not real and should not be taken seriously. If viewing YouTube videos have become a problem, Netsanity offers parents some options:

Parents can utilize Timeblocker to either hide the YouTube app or block internet access to YouTube during the times that you feel may be inappropriate. Using Timeblocker, parents can even lock the screen and disable the fingerprint sensor to completely lock the iPhone during bedtimes.

For example, parents can set the entire bedtime to restrict internet access or if the 3 a.m. challenge is especially worrisome, parents can block the internet between 3 – 4 a.m. or any other slot. Another option is to use Netsanity’s  appblocker to block YouTube whenever a parent wants to.

Regardless of what is decided, having Netsanity installed gives parents ease of mind that their kids are sleeping and not up at 3 AM!

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