Netsanity Dad with Son On A Bike Ride during COVID-19

5 Tips For Keeping Kids Physically and Mentally Active During Lockdown

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Cabin fever is sweeping the country thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown restrictions. Many people have been furloughed, laid off, or compelled to work from home to maintain social distancing standards and curb the spread of the coronavirus. Unfortunately for many parents, this means there is a shortage of ways for their children to spend their time constructively. Things are even more complicated for kids attending school virtually when parents must not only supervise at-home schooling but also manage their own work responsibilities.

The pandemic has put a hold on social gatherings, large events, outdoor activities in many places, and the ability to go to certain places like schools. While some parents have allowed their kids to have more screen time following the COVID-19 outbreak, they need to understand the risks of this and the importance of maintaining healthy device usage limits for their kids and teens during the pandemic lockdown.

Before the coronavirus lockdown, many children enjoyed playing at public parks, participating in after-school programs, and enjoying extracurricular activities and school time with their friends. Older teens may have enjoyed hanging out at public places, and now the coronavirus restrictions have made many of these things impossible. When people spend more time at home indoors, they generally spend less time doing healthy things like exercising, reading, and creative hobbies. Instead, they turn to television, video games, and social media for entertainment.

School closed due to COVID-19

Tips to Keep Your Kids Physically Fit and Mentally Active

As a parent, it’s natural to be concerned for your child’s development amidst an unprecedented event like the COVID-19 pandemic. If your kids have been spending more time on their electronic devices lately because they’re bored, there are some activities that can benefit you, your kids, and your family dynamics by promoting physical health and mental wellness:

  • Enjoy outdoor activities as a family.
    Netsanity Family Enjoying Walk In Park Together
    Take Them Outside During Lockdowns and Enjoy Great Bonding Time
    Hiking, family bike rides, and taking walks together are great ways to burn energy while spending quality time with your loved ones. It’s easy to work in a walk, even for busy schedules, and weekend events outside can provide a breath of fresh air for kids struggling with virtual learning, lack of interaction with friends, and boredom. 
  • Develop a home workout routine. Exercise is good for children of all ages. If you are worried your kids are not getting enough physical activity, a family workout routine can be fun and engaging, especially for younger children. This is also an excellent way to help your kids develop healthy life skills regardless of coronavirus lockdown rules. They will learn discipline, the value of daily exercise, and have access to an easy outlet for their extra energy.
  • Promote balanced nutrition. Junk food and takeout are easy options for anyone pressed for time, but eventually, the lockdown diet has a disastrous impact on anyone’s health, and it may even stunt your child’s physical development. Try to keep things interesting by experimenting with new, healthy meals. Turning meal preparation into a family activity can be not only a great way to keep kids and teens busy during pandemic lockdown but also a bonding experience for the family.
Netsanity Board games for kids during COVID 19 Pandemic
Board Games At Home To Keep Them Busy
  • Try family game nights. You can incorporate board games, card games, drawing games, or even physically interactive video games with your kids to keep them entertained. Board games and card games can teach things like risk, statistics, and strategy, and physically oriented video games that involve motion sensor technology can help bridge the gap between screen time and physical fitness.
  • Provide materials for arts and crafts. These activities can help your children express their creativity while engaging their minds and improving their focus. You can find lots of ideas for arts and crafts for all ages and skill levels online, and it’s easy to make your own variations of popular arts and crafts activities.

It’s also a good idea for parents to take advantage of the features of the Netsanity platform. It’s impossible to separate your children from technology today. However, you can keep track of how your children spend their time on their devices and tailor their experiences using convenient programs and control features from Netsanity.

Why Choose Netsanity?

Modern life is incredibly demanding, and the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown orders have changed everyday life in many ways. It’s tough for many parents to find the time to track their children’s device usage adequately and to ensure they’re having appropriate experiences when using internet-capable devices. While many digital devices allow users to set parental controls, Netsanity provides more in-depth controls for parents who want to ensure their children are limiting daily screen time and only using their devices for acceptable reasons. Netsanity allows you to not only set time limits and track device usage, but also customize access to the internet, games, and apps based on your child’s age and your preferences as a parent.

Thanks to the coronavirus, kids and parents around the country have had to adapt to new routines, but staying healthy and active is as important as it always has been. Keep these tips in mind as you develop your family’s schedule in this new reality. Parents can rely on Netsanity to take the stress out of managing screen time and providing much-needed peace of mind during an uncertain time in our lives. If your children have Apple or Samsung mobile devices while at home, Netsanity has a great 14-day free trial. Contact Netsanity today to learn more.

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