How are you different than an app based parental control?

There are many differences in how Netsanity works versus a typical parental control or monitoring app. Here are some of the most significant differences: Most apps are “safe browsers.” They work by replacing the default Apple iOS Safari browser. While a child using a safe browser will be protected from specific content, only 12% of children access the internet via web browsers. The vast majority of interaction between children and the internet are done via apps and not web browsers. So, assuming your child never uses any internet apps, a safe browser is only marginally useful. Additionally, an app has to be resident, and many have limited or no functionality after a reboot and sometimes have to be re-started by the parent.

An app can be helpful to provide reporting and GPS information but, again, that is marginally effective if the child can use any internet-enabled app at any time. Unless physically restricted to the device, most apps can be uninstalled by anyone. If the parent chooses to disable this ability using restrictions, then every time a child needs to download a good app, the parent will need physical access to the device and change the restriction settings back again. Performing this task is very time consuming and assumes that parent/child is always tethered to each other and can conveniently toggle these features back and forth. Netsanity uses corporate security to make it difficult to remove and even if done, will notify the parent in minutes.

When apps have bugs or need features added, one must download a new version of the app and wait for the bugs to be fixed. With Netsanity’s cloud-based iOS parental controls, features and functions are added real-time in our cloud, and any required fixes are done live, and often,  without even the knowledge of either the parent or child.

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