Why Do I Need Netsanity if Apple Has Parental Controls Built In?

Netsanity appreciates Apple’s recent announcement in adding parental control features to the latest iOS 12 release. Netsanity is in its 5th year and has always lobbied for more industry support to help us protect kids. We are happy that Apple has finally agreed with us and is adding more capabilities to iOS and allowing parents more granular control.

The majority of the new capabilities that Apple has introduced work in concert with Netsanity’s core features. The addition of these new Apple controls with Netsanity’s proven transparent content filtering, and device controls will allow parents to get more data, block porn, lock down dangerous apps, and manage screen time. Netsanity also offers seamless solutions for Android Samsung devices that can work for families who manage different platforms.

Our customers love Netsanity’s ability to provide transparent protection with core features like YouTube and Google safesearch capabilities; our ability to remotely put the device in a “timeout”, block 30+ website categories, lock the screen, prevent screenshots, get details of website activity, and much more!

Most importantly, Netsanity continues to offer its customers amazing customer service with customers being able to access our customer service agents in the US to talk, chat, or email with their issues. We even offer this service to new customers who are in a trial. We call this Netsanity Concierge.

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