Jott Messenger – Group Texting and Offline Chat

With online and OFFLINE texting Jott gives you more ways to stay connected than any other chat app. Use Jott to text friends in places you could never text before. Here s how Jott keeps you always connected TEXT EVEN WHEN OFFLINE. Just flip on Bluetooth and Jott magically sends your messages to nearby users with a new mesh technology called Airchat. Try it at school concerts on a bus or on a plane. The more people on Jott the farther and better it works WHAT S AIRCHAT Airchat is an offline mesh network Jott makes by connecting devices phones iPads iPods etc. using Bluetooth and WiFi signals. Over Airchat Jott users can communicate directly without needing Data or Internet. Airchat daisy-chains devices together so the more people on Jott the farther messages can be sent. JOTT IS UNBLOCKABLE. When you Jott in Airchat mode you re free to speak your mind. No one can track or block your texts because they re sent through an offline mesh network. DATA DOESN T MATTER. We all know that feeling when your data plan runs out. Jott all you want in Airchat mode and you won t use any precious data. FREE THE iPOD Jott works amazingly on iPads and iPod Touches without data plans. Plus phone numbers are not required to signup. More reasons to Jott JOTT IS FAST No one likes to wait. Send chats instantly. SCHOOL NETWORKS. Avoid that awkward moment of asking for phone numbers. Simply find your school and swipe right to start chatting with friends. GROUP CHAT. It s easy to get the whole crew together. If someone gets too chatty Jott makes it easy to mute or leave groups. STICKERS. Hundreds of giant emojis help get your point across. DOODLE ON PHOTOS. Get creative and add text drawings filters and emojis to your moments. SELF DESTRUCTING CHATS. Own your privacy and decide when texts pictures and videos self-destruct. SCREENSHOT DETECTION. There s always that one annoying friend who screenshots all your convos. Set chats to self-destruct and Jott will notify you if anyone takes a screenshot. BAN HATERS. Easily block people you don t want to talk to and report bad behavior. VIDEO MESSAGES. Share all the action with video. Have fun Jotting Visit us at jottmessenger — Important notes Jott cannot prevent recipients of your chats from capturing and saving your messages by taking screenshots or by using an image-capturing device. Data rates do not apply when Jotting in offline mode. Regular data rates apply when jotting in online mode.