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The latest version of Netsanity introduces Android support for Samsung devices. This version allows for unique capabilities for parent with children’s owning Samsung devices.

Capabilities include:

A good summary can be found here.

Initially, Netsanity for Android will be supported on Samsung mobile devices. Samsung devices on Android OS 5.0 or greater are supported.  Latest information can be located here.

Yes, only on Android.  You can block SMS texting completely or just for specific contacts via your parental dashboard. More detail on that can be found in our latest release guide here.

iOS devices do not have this capability. However, there are many internet-based “texting” apps. We include many of these in the Appblocker and as such, can block many of these services.

Also, our Screenlock option included in Timeout can be used to remotely lock the child’s screen. Depending on the type of iOS device used, parents have the ability to lock the screen ad-hoc or in parallel with our Timeblocker scheduler. When the screen is locked using Netsanity, the user will not be able to text nor use any other apps until a passcode is entered to unlock the device.

Stopping calls is now a feature included with Netsanity for Android.  Via your parental dashboard you can block ALL calls, or from specific numbers or contacts. Emergency calls are allowed.

Netsanity does not block any access to the phone capability of the  iPhone. For iOS, access to calling is always preserved and allowed. Our timeout feature can be used to lock the screen to prevent calling, except emergency calls.


We are happy to announce that our service is now available on Android Samsung devices. Check out our brand new Android parental controls. Take advantage of our core features plus extra capabilities specific to Android like Blocking Texts, Managing data and stopping calls.


Not yet! We are rolling out a version for the Apple desktops and MacBooks. Stay tuned!

Yes. If the enrolled mobile device has internet access, you can use Netsanity with most WiFi and carrier networks.

*Some businesses like schools, government, and certain countries may block VPN (Virtual Private Networks). VPN is required for Netsanity to function. (SafeWifi feature can be used to bypass areas where VPN is blocked)

Netsanity works on any service that connects to the internet. As long the device has Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n; 802.11n on 2.4GHz and 5GHz) , 3G, 4G, LTE; GSM/EDGE; UMTS/HSPA+;  DC-HSDPA; CDMA EV-DO Rev. A and Rev. B (CDMA models only); LTE3 and has an active Internet connection, the device is protected!

*Some businesses like schools, government, and certain countries may block VPN (Virtual Private Networks). VPN is required for Netsanity to function. (SafeWifi may be used to bypass VPN in trusted safe WiFi areas like schools.)

Certain schools which allow children to BYOD (Bring Their Own Device) to school, strictly firewall their traffic due to local or country policies. Certain schools may block all traffic except certain websites or categories. Since Netsanity needs a VPN connection to its servers and filter content, certain schools may effectively block access to Netsanity’s ability to provide content filtering. We work with schools to address this and are happy to talk to your school.

Additionally, customers can use our new SafeWifi feature can be used to bypass areas where VPN is blocked. More information can be found SafeWifi on our support site.

NetSanity Mobile supports the latest iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices using iOS 7, 8, 9+

We recommend the following Apple Mobile Devices to run at least iOS 8

iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C
iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus
iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Pro
iPod Touch 5G

Additionally you can use iPhone 4S & iPad 2 if you are running iOS 7


No, very similar but there are couple differences. On Android timeout is a single click feature. By toggling it on – meaning your child is in a “timeout” – all Internet access and apps will be disabled including SMS texting. On Apple, timeout comes with a couple customizations. You can have timeout either: disable all the internet to the device or you can block the internet PLUS one of the following: locking the screen completely or hiding all the apps on the phone. This lets you decide what type of timeout is appropriate for your child or teen.

New! Our new feature locate is now available. Get exact GPS location information on your managed devices. When managing iOS devices Netsanity is not installed as an app on the enrolled device at this time. On Android, based on the way the platform is set up, a resident app is necessary on managed Android devices. Also, for iOS location info can always be obtained for free by enrolling the device into iCloud and enabling location access.

If you are using our Appblocker feature – No. Once you block an app using Appblocker, that app will no longer be able to function. While it will remain visible on the screen and be able to be launched, it will not communicate with its servers and as such, will not be usable.

A new feature, HideApps will hide most 3rd party apps completely. A parent can accomplish this remotely and have it take effect in seconds. More details on the use of HideApps can be found here: HideApps Use.

Our new service for Android devices does come with the capability of removing an app completely from the child’s screen.

We regularly update our list of apps available via our Appblocker. Click the link to find our complete list of blockable apps using Netsanity’s Appblocker.

There are many differences in how Netsanity works versus a typical parental control or monitoring app. Here are some of the most significant differences: Most apps are “safe browsers”. They work by replacing the default Apple iOS Safari browser. While a child using a safe browser will be protected from certain content, only 12% of children access the internet via web browsers. The vast majority of interaction between children and the internet are done via apps and not web browsers. So, assuming your child never uses any internet apps, a safe browser is only marginally effective. Additionally, an app has to be resident and many have limited or no functionality after a reboot and sometimes have to be re-started by the parent.

An app can be helpful to provide reporting and GPS information but, again, that is marginally effective if the child can use any internet-enabled app at any time. Unless physically restricted at the device, most apps can be uninstalled by anyone. If the parent chooses to disable this ability using restrictions, then every time a child needs to download a benign app, the parent will need physical access to the device and change the restriction settings back again. Performing this task is very time consuming and assumes that parent/child are always tethered to each other and can conveniently toggle these features back and forth. Netsanity uses corporate security to make it difficult to remove and even if done, will notify the parent in minutes.

When apps have bugs or need features added, one must download a new version of the app and/or wait for the bugs to be fixed. With Netsanity’s cloud-based iOS parental controls, features and functions are added real-time in our cloud, and any required fixes are done live, and often,  without even the knowledge of either the parent or child.


When you sign up, you will receive a series of emails with information on help and resources. You will also have access to our support site with access to knowledgebase articles and support solutions. Premium members can open up tickets via their dashboard 24/7.

Netsanity is a cloud service that does not require an app to download nor to function. Once you enroll, you will be able to register your child’s device with us. You will enroll each target device by installing a small profile to the device and it will automatically connect to our cloud service. That’s it!

Nope! Stay away from Jailbreaking! Our service is incorporated into the operating system, so nothing needs to be done. As long as the device has Apple iOS 7.x – iOS 9.x, you are all set! To see how we differ, look at our comparison table.

No – our service does not need some hack around iCloud or a JailBreak to work

A user, if they have physical access and permissions to the device, can always re-install a new fresh version of Apples’ software. This however, is a 2 hour process and they would need to rebuild their settings and restore from a backup. After which, the parent, in about 10 seconds, would re-enroll the device and the Netsanity service would be restored – so it is not a practical way to uninstall Netsanity.

While there are some benefits to using the built-in parental control features in iOS, many are either too restrictive or do not cover the needs of most parents. You have no way to control internet access by a schedule for instance. Blocking the internet remotely is impossible using the built in functions. Most changes need to made while having physical access to the device. Also, making a decision on various categories or specific apps, especially remotely, is not possible. See this article here on iOS parental controls standard on iOS8.

Some users have expressed an interest in monitoring an adult’s device. This is allowed and possible. As long as you have permission to install the service on another adult’s device, you will have the full capability to set policies for categories, time blocking, etc.

Netsanity will not

No, not at the moment. We are currently working on a way to block iMessages. For now, parents can use Netsanity’s Screenlock feature to disable all access, including iMessage in conjunction with Timeblocker or as a stand alone function.

Additionally, if a parent also has an iOS device, they can add the child’s device to their iCloud account and see all iMessages sent and received by the child. This is free and a great feature for younger kids, especially if they only have Wi-Fi enabled devices.


Netsanity does NOT require a credit card to fully evaluate our service! During the first 14 days, you are able to evaluate all the Premium Features and enroll up to 2 devices with no credit card and absolutely no billing. Pricing and Features are listed here.

Anytime during the trial you may upgrade to a  Premium monthly or annual plan to have uninterrupted service. Once the trial is completed and you have not entered a valid credit card and selected your plan, your service will not work until a billing profile is created. You can also chose a Lite plan as your active plan during or after your trial – a Lite plan has limited features and coupons cannot be used to discount annual Lite Plan purchases.

We never store your credit card info. We also do not accept prepaid cards.

If you are looking to purchase volume licenses or have a special case, feel free to send us a note via our contact form and we will try to accommodate.

We are very passionate about our service. Our expectation is that we deliver a great service at a fair price. We encourage our new users to try our service with zero obligation. Every new plan comes with a free 14-day trial without the need for a credit card, so you can fully evaluate our service for your family. If you are not 100% satisfied, feel free to not enter any billing info and your account and devices will eventually be purged.


Absolutely! If you are a current subscriber and wish to change your subscription to another monthly plan or annual plan, or downgrade/upgrade your licenses, simply visit your parental dashboard and click the Manage Subscription link to make your requested changes.

Yes. Once you purchase a license, you will have access to your secure parental dashboard. Simply go to your Manage Subscription link to perform any upgrades or downgrades – instantly!

Trial/New Accounts

Coupons may be used at checkout for most annual plans. You may always get a coupon by subscribing to our newsletter. Once a subscriber, you may get special coupons throughout the month.

Also, watch our social media. We update FaceBook and Twitter often with great last minute coupons!

When you sign up, you will receive a series of emails with information on help and resources. You will also have access to our support site with access to knowledgebase articles, videos, and support solutions. Premium members can also open up support tickets via their parental dashboard, chat, or call their support line 24/7/365.

We now have a fully functioning 14-day Lite trial which includes up to 2 devices and all Premium Features activated during the initial 14 days.

During or after your trial, you can select a plan that works for you, apply any coupons to annual plans and continue your service.

*No credit card is required during your trial so there is no obligation to try Netsanity!