block device level features

  • Inappropriate content in the app or game
  • limiting screen time
  • avoiding bullying situations
  • Reducing data bills for internet-heavy apps
  • Reducing game use and in-app purchasing surprises


One Click Functionality

Our appblocker and gameblocker features are two of the most used and popular features for parents. Both appblocker and gameblocker are available with all our premium subscriptions. With a simple click, the parent can quickly block all internet functionality from the app or game that is on our current list. Netsanity has a list of over 50 apps and games that have been thoroughly researched and profiled.

Block what you want

Our list of apps and games is based on parents requests, popularity of use by kids and teens, along with our own exhaustive research. One of the revolutionary features of appblocker and gameblocker is that you do not need to remove the apps from your child’s device. For instance, you may allow your teen to use Instagram. However you want to limit its use and occasionally want to block Instagram. With appblocker, you simply click the icon remotely from any browser and Instagram will not function.

How It Works

Not all apps can be profiled and added. Netsanity can only block internet-enabled apps. Even then, certain apps and games cannot be effectively blocked using appblocker & gameblocker. However, other Netsanity features like screenlock and hideapps will serve the purpose of controlling apps regardless of whether or not they are internet-based.


Block Apps on Mobile Devices | Apple and Android | Netsanity

Frequently Asked Questions

Does appblocker block any app?

For Apple, we block previously profiled apps. To see the updated list, please visit our Blocked Apps Page. For Samsung, you can block almost any installed app from the device tab view.

Does appblocker hide any apps?

No! Netsanity has a very unique way that we block apps. On Apple, the apps can be opened but their
functionality is disabled. For Samsung, the apps when clicked are disabled.

Do I need to have my child device when I block their apps?

No – all control is done remotely via your parental dashboard.

Can I monitor content within the apps you block? Can I read their snapchats, for example?

Netsanity has no control nor access to third party apps. There is no way for us to “”break into”” some other app and extract information. That is not currently a technology that is possible.


“As a family we have tried numerous online safety options with our kids and this is by far the most comprehensive that we have used so far. Keep up the good work! My wife and I appreciate you all.”

– Mike in Indiana –



“Despite all the rules we made, my kids always found a way to get around them and I always felt the Internet had more power than me. Oh but not any more. I’m finally in control. And I didn’t need a degree from MIT to stay one step ahead!”

– Stacy in Dallas-



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