• Block over 30 web categories with catblocker
  • Block Porn and Violence With Ease
  • Available with all our premium subscriptions
  • Just want to block porn/nudity category? Use Netsanity Lite plan!
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Powerful Categorization

Catblocker is Netsanity’s premium content filtering engine. Using public and private databases, Netsanity’s own artificial intelligence engine, and other proprietary tools, we maintain a database with many millions of websites and apps. Catblocker will work regardless of the browser or app being used. Use Apple’s Safari browser or feel free to use Google’s Chrome, or Firefox and many others – let your child or teen decide and know that they are protected regardless.

Block Porn Easily

Our catblocker has neat options too. For instance, you can block or allow uncategorized sites. There are thousands of new sites added hourly. Some are innocent and some dangerous and inappropriate. By blocking uncategorized sites, catblocker will block all sites that are not cataloged and not in our database. This ensures that only sites and categories you approve are allowed. Another option for parents is to allow background traffic. Innocent traffic from, for instance, can be passed even if a certain category blocks it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blocking Categories

Netsanity blocks one category (Adult Pornography) only. All other categories can be unblocked by simply
upgrading to one of our premium plans, which have 30+ categories.

We have an option to block all uncategorized sites. This is useful for younger children who need maximum
proitection. With that turned on, only sites which have been previously cataloged are allowed

Sure. If you want to allow a specific site that is in a category that you are blocking, simply allow it
in siteblocker. That will take precedence.