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One of our newest features, use the power of Google Maps to pinpoint your child’s location in seconds.

Android and Apple Locate Device Google Maps | Netsanity

Powered by Google Maps

Pull accurate location data from any enrolled device and see an accurate Google Map when you log in to manage the device. Stop relying on your teen for accurate location information; beat them to it by using Netsanity.

Easily Block All Texting

Netsanity ties directly into your managed device. It’s not controlled by a GPS app or reliant on Google Maps being installed on the phone, rather we pull accurate GPS or cell information from the device itself (depends on whether you are on Apple or Android).

Frequently Asked Questions About Device Locating

For Android, Locate can be very accurate as the app will report GPS coordinates. Apple will use general cell tower info for the lcoation and will not be as accurate.

For Apple, having the device enrolled in iCloud will give you a GPS location via iCloud in addition to the general location in the dashboard