• Use your school’s internet filtering when at school and Netsanity’s protection on the way there or back
  • Using your own router at home? With safewifi you can protect your kids on your personal network but enforce protection when on your carrier data plan or outside of home
  • On vacation? Jumping into hotels, planes, and hotspots? Use safewifi to temporarily disable protection on Wifi while in close proximity to your children

Frequently Asked Questions About Safe Wifi

Absolutely, if your school blocks our VPN (Apple only), you can enable safewifi to not have our VPN launch while your child is at school. When they are on the bus or away from school, our VPN will re-launch offering maximum protection.

Sure! Just set your safewifi to not launch while at home and you can use your own router or 3rd party settings while at home but be 100% protected while away.