Complete Screen Control

screenlock is one of our newest features – available with any of our premium subscriptionsScreenlock locks the Apple mobile device screen in seconds after activating it remotely. Once locked, the fingerprint sensor is disabled and only the passcode known to the parent can unlock it.

Customizable “Timeout”

With screenlock enabled during bedtime with timeblocker your child will not be spending time playing minecraft, texting, or watching Youtube videos for hours! Let them get needed rest without running upstairs, rushing in and grabbing their smartphone! With a simple click, or a schedule, screenlock will give the parent the flexibility to control screen time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Locking The Screen

On Apple, you lock the screen remotely. You will need to unlock it manually since Apple does not allow remote unlocking.

Yes, on Apple you can combine it with a timeout setting to lock the screen at bedtime. With Samsung,
timeout becomes a way to lock the apps down during bedtime.

In our guides, we show you how on Apple you can let your children use their fingerprint to unlock their
devices while you keep the passcode to yourslef. At bedtime, their screen locks and fingerprint sensor is disabled!