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Cloud Based Scheduler

Our popular timeblocker allows parents to control screen time and enforce bedtime. timeblocker is available with all our premium subscriptions. You can easily select when the internet will be disabled by clicking on an hour block of time, selecting and blocking an entire day of the week or entire block of hours for all days. It is easy and quick and you can do it from anywhere in the world, regardless of where your child’s device is!

Fully Customizable

Block bedtime hours from 10PM to 6am or block after school from 3 – 5PM for homework time. Optionally, enable screenlock when timeblocker is enabled to also lock the device screen. This will not only prevent the child or teen using internet apps or surfing, but also lock it down to prevent texting, using the phone, or using any non-internet games. timeblocker puts you in charge!

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Scheduling

Sure. You can block internet and screen time in one hour increments. Feel free to use it to block a few
hours after school and then again at bedtime.

With timeblocker active, by default only internet access is blocked.In Apple, you can optionally add a
timeout option which will hide apps or lock the screen per your preference. With Samsung devices,
you can optionally have all the 3rd party apps to be disabled. You have all the options you need for bedtime!

No. Timeblocker is set via a global clock based on your timezone that you set. If you want to start blocking the internet at 10PM EST, for example, it will start blocking regardless of what the date or time the phone