Timeout on Apple iOS Devices

For timeout on Apple mobile devices, you have several options. Either simply disable the Internet or add in the additional functions of locking the screen or hiding all apps on the screen. It’s totally up to you! Enabling timeout is as easy as switching the timeout toggle to on! This is done easily throughout your dashboard.

Timeout on Android for Samsung

If you are using Netsanity to protect Android devices timeout is very simple. Slide the toggle to green and your child’s Android device will be instantly boring! Disable the internet, all 3rd party apps, and all texting for as long as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions About Timeout

For Apple, timeout has 3 modes: Disable Internet only; Disable Internet and lock the screen; Disable Internet and hide all 3rd party apps

For Android, there is one timeout setting. When it is enabled, the internet is disabled, 3rd party apps are disabled, and SMS is disabled