Helping Foster Responsible Technology Use

Available to cities, counties, states, and other municipalities let us create a custom program that will give your social foster programs tools that are needed in 2021 and beyond.

Netsanity cares about kids, in fact, we have cared for them since 2013. For seven years, we have protected hundreds of thousands of kids all over the world. Our consumer service is great for parents who want to have some more control of their kids and teens.

Now we are launching a new program for foster kids, foster parents, and social workers all over the United States. We are partnering with telecom carriers to offer foster parents a way to protect their foster kids, be accountable to social workers and allow for technology to children who may not have had access, until now.

What Words Teens Use

Benefits for Foster Parents & Children

Cities, Counties, and States are rolling out programs to put mobile smart phones in the hands of foster children. and parents. However, foster parents and programs need accountability and protections for foster kids. Now, with Netsanity’s Care and Protect service, foster parents, social workers, and foster children can all benefit. 

We currently support Apple iOS mobile devices up with iOS versions 11 to version 13.x.

The location of your child is always known to the social worker and parent. Get precise GPS location.

Foster parents can add own children to their dashboard and pay for separate service using the same login

Each parent can enable their own settings and restrictions for complete control. 

Block adult content remotely and set 30+ other categories.

Advanced filtering using secure VPN ensures privacy and security.

Choose from 30+ different device restrictions to send to the device. Block iMessage, prevent app installations and many more.

Use Netsanity’s powerful filtering to block content from maycateorgies, including adult content, anonymous proxies, ads, and more.

Instantly disable the camera, disable the browser or disable apps – all remotely by social workers or foster parents.

Use our online scheduler for good bedtime habits or to enforce homework periods.

Enforced by Apple DEP and MDM, the service cannot be removed nor erased.

Enable a special Lost mode to lock the phone or iPad remotely to prevent theft or unauthorized use. Even wipe the device remotely if needed.

Advancing Foster Program Technology

Benefits for Foster Programs & Agencies

Give foster parents a better tool to control technology, prevent inappropriate use and get more engagement. Agencies can offer great tools for their social foster care programs without risking loss or unauthorized use.

Custom dashboard and back end systems can work with 100 to thousands of devices.

Agencies can request shared or private infrastructure depending on their needs

Agency has a program-wide view to see each deployed device.

Agencies can create custom levels for Administrators, Social Workers, and Foster Parents, all with enforceable controls.

Agencies may request a custom list of device restrictions from a list of almost 100 to further customize based on their needs. Devices are Supervised for further restrictions options.

Using an advanced Lost more capability, Agencies know where the devices are and can remotely wipe or see their location. This can help with law enforcement or safety for foster kids.

Agencies can manage and enforce device deployment so each device can be accounted for with each foster family.

With the precision and covert nature of device enrollment, law enforcement working with the agency can quickly locate the device and potentially help to prevent child trafficking activities.

Support other departments – i.e. Parole, law enforcement, judgements for device restrictions.

Program can be rolled out with or without Apple Business Manager for ease of deployment

Already Serving These Fine Programs...

"We have been using Netsanity for over a year now and have recently expanded the program. This is a great program that kids the kids in the District of Columbia safe and Foster parents, accountable. Its a win-win and we look forward to expanding the program in the future. Netsanity has been a great partner and has been able to create a custom solution that really works for the CFSA."
Ian Richards
Program Administrator, CFSA Washington, DC

Our Process. Your Program.



We discuss your goals, timelines, and current program, if any.


Custom Quote

We will work with you and sourcing to create a custom solution that works for you and your budget.


Sourcing and Contracting

We work together to get any needed contracts signed and set up any needed vendor needed documents



Depending on the level of customization required, a typical program can be live in as little as 90 days.


Go Live Rollout

We are there with you step by step to test and provide initial roll out testing. Once that is completed, you are live.



Netsanity can provide training or we can be the first or later line of support – your choice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the program available?

Today, our Care & Protect is available in the United States.

How much does the program cost?

The program is totally customizable but very affordable. Pricing typically consists of (1) initial development and programming; (2) license fee per device per year; and, (3) support options.

Are there minimum license or quantity requirements?

Our program starts with as little 100 devices and there are no caps on the maximum number of devices that are enrolled in the program.

Do you support non Apple Devices?

At this time we support Apple iOS mobile devices and Samsung (Android) smartphones and tablets. However, if you have a need for other Android platforms, please inquire.

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