How to See Every iMessage Your Teen Sends 

Over 500,000 parents have learned how to MONITOR their teenagers iMessages for FREE by reading our detailed PDF guide (includes screenshots!)

FREE 9-page iMessage Guide  - see who your teen is chatting with and stop inappropriate communications! Instant download.

“Despite all the rules we made, my kids always found a way to get around them and I always felt the Internet had more power than me. Oh but not any more. I’m finally in control. And I didn’t need a degree from MIT to stay one step ahead!”

“We had some issues with our teen. Anyway all I will say is that she couldn’t put the phone down in the car. Now, we just press the button that shuts down the internet until she gets to where she is going.”

“As a family we have tried numerous online safety options with our kids and this is by far the most comprehensive that we have used so far. Keep up the good work! My wife and I appreciate you all.”

Written by the experts (and parents) at Netsanity.

Protecting your teens shouldn't be harder just because they have iPhones and iPads. Technology is an amazing thing, and our teens should benefit from it. Yet we know there are dangers, seen and unseen, on websites, apps and social networks. Today, Netsanity shows you a way to keep tabs on your teens iMessaging, with zero technical skills required.

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