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How to Block Texts and Calls on Android Samsung

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Blocking texts and phone calls is always a challenge for parents. There are many reasons where parents may want to limit or completely disable texting or calling. Apple does not provide a process to block either, although we do show parents how they can mirror iMessages in this blog. However, for parents who have Samsung smartphones and tablets, they have more options when using Netsanity. Here is how to block texts on Android devices.

Why consider blocking SMS & Calls?

There are are many reasons to block Texts(SMS) and Calls. Some are obvious, like overusing the texting plan, or texting during bedtimes. However, sometimes kids can be targeted by inappropriate parties or spam. Many texts can contain links to viruses, and porn. Sometimes, parents see inappropriate communication with certain “friends”, which they feel they may want their kids to avoid. Even though traditional calling is becoming less and less prevalent among kids and teens, it is still a way to reach out and parents may want options to curtail calling all together or selectively.

What you can do

With Netsanity for Android Samsung, you have complete control over SMS texting and phone calling. Here is what is possible when you have any premium plan.

  • Globally block ALL SMS Texting
  • Globally Disable ALL Phone Calling
  • Selectively block SMS to individual contacts that are pulled from their smartphone
  • Selectively block calling to individual contacts that are pulled from their smartphone

block calls and texts on Android Samsung Galaxy phones | Netsanity

  • See phone calling history that includes direction of call, Who was called or their number, the date, when, and how long

How to block SMS Texting and Calls on Samsung

Blocking SMS Messaging and Calling is easy and you do it right from your dashboard. Settings are updated in seconds!

To begin, navigate to your device listing and click the Manage Device Button for your Enrolled Samsung Device


Next, To Block ALL SMS and Calls:

  • Click on the Messaging Tab
  • To Disable All Calling, click on the green Enabled button until it turns Red
  • To Disable All SMS Messaging, click on the green Enabled button until it turns Red


How to Block Texts on Samsung Galaxy | Netsanity

To Block Individual Contacts for SMS and Calls:

  • Click on the Messaging Tab
  • To Disable a single contact, search and look for the Contact listed and Click each individual Button for Calls or SMS
  • In the Search field, you can search by name, phone, number or to see all contacts blocked or allowed. For example, you can simply start typing “Bloc..” to see all blocked contacts.

Netsanity’s advanced tools for Android Samsung devices gives parents unparalleled options to block calls and texts. In addition to Messaging controls, Netsanity offers a complete tool set of over 20+ premium features.


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