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Kim Kardashian App “Hollywood”: A Parent’s Review

Kim Kardashian App: Hollywood – a Real Mom’s Review

Has anyone in your family become addicted to the new Kim Kardashian-Hollywood app? Over the past week, we have heard from parents of tweens & teens who have downloaded this new and viral app. We were bombarded with emails and requests to add this game to our Appblocker. As a mom of two girls, I was intrigued and had to check it out for myself and here is my honest

While many of us have a somewhat bizarre curiosity and fascination for Kim and the Kardashians, after reviewing and playing the game, we can see why some parents may choose to block this app (available on iOS and Android) occasionally or permanently.

More about the Kim Kardashian App

The game takes the player into the glamorous world of Kim Kardashian, from the red carpet, to club openings, and even twitter feuds with other celebrities. Just like the reality television show, the app is very addictive! Who doesn’t want to look and feel fabulous and pose for the paparazzi? Even better, the app is offered for free! Once you peel back the onion, however, you start seeing how this innocent and fun game can send wrong messages to kids – as well as empty your bank account!

BTW, did you know that it has already caused a scandal on Twitter from the EPA? 😉 Funny article about that here!

Why would you want to block the Kim Kardashian app?

The emphasis is heavy on drinking, flirting, money, and clothes. There seems to be a fundamental message that your physical appearance is the most important trait to get ahead in life. By acting like a diva, young girls get the impression that they can get ahead and increase their celebrity status, simply by buying credits! It takes cold, hard cash to get ahead in this app, and the Apple iTunes store and Google Play Store will gladly drain your bank account, as you try to amass your celebrity fortune and buy your way to the top of the status symbol rankings! While all of that in itself is not dangerous, it can be addicting and for certain impressionable teens/tweens can be harmful to their self-esteem.
In summary, while it may be fun and the music is certainly catchy, parents should make their own judgment as to the appropriateness of the Kim Kardashian app: Hollywood game. Whereas it may be okay in moderation for some, it may be too much for others as a parent you decide!

We will continue to review and add new apps to our Appblocker feature, giving the power and the choice to the parent in their decision of what content is suitable, or not. Why not take a free trial of Netsanity? It’s free for 2 weeks!

p.s. I of course, would love to simply press an icon or two and fill my closet with Kim bags, shoes, and clothes! 😉 Oh well, back to reality!

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