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Dear Netsanity Community,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers around the world for the almost six years that we’ve been together, and also to announce something we think is extra exciting here at Netsanity.

block-porn-netsanityToday, we officially launched a FREE adult content filtering service. Our goal is to give everyone a way to use our proven adult content filter and porn blocker on two mobile devices — free of charge. This new service will be a FREE FOREVER plan for parents and adults who need it. It will protect children and other users up to two devices. No credit card needed. Period. And, we will continue to add more features and technology to make it better for all, minute by minute. During our initial beta launch, we will support Apple IOS and Samsung devices, but soon we will offer our free service to use in your entire home as well.

As part of this new free service, we are also announcing and launching PIERCE™ – our advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) content filtering system that learns more and more of how to effectively block adult content. PIERCE™, developed by the engineering team at Netsanity, over the past year, will become more intelligent, day by day, week by week, the more its used.


It will be your guardian against the parts of our Internet we don’t need our young children exposed to. Initially PIERCE™ will focus on blocking and learning new porn & adult sites, but eventually, PIERCE™ will gain knowledge of new categories and become even smarter in helping you navigate the web. PIERCE™ will be incorporated into all of our services starting today.

netsanity-vpnAlso, parents will get a built-in VPN (Virtual Private Network) security service as part of Netsanity Free. It will privately connect to PIERCE™, and further protect your kids. So we don’t care whether or not your child is on WiFi or the cellular network, home or away, you will be able to protect them from dangerous content. We also added some other free features to round out a comprehensive package of tools to give parents no excuse not to at least try it. SafeSearch forces all Google and Bing search to a mode that does not display adult content. Also, we have added many proxy sites to our free service so kids have an even tougher time bypassing the filtering.

So why are we doing this?

New research has pointed out that there are many reasons parents need to take a serious look at what their kids are doing on their smartphones. We actually came out with a new blog on how to block porn that compiles much of this data. Here are some excerpts from our blog, specifically about stats from Pornhub, the world’s leading porn site:

“In 2018, there were 33.5 billion visits to the site (five billion more than in 2017).
There were 962 searches per second. The top four searches were ‘lesbian’, ‘hentai’, ‘milf’ and ‘stepmom’. Worldwide, 80 percent of Pornhub visits are done on smartphones and tablets. (In the U.S., 91 percent of users visit the site on mobile devices.)”

Some children may seek out sexually explicit content online out of curiosity, but accidental exposure is also common. One national survey found that 25% of its participants (ages 10 to 17) had experienced unwanted online exposure to pornography in the past year.

And many of us give our children as young as 6, powerful supercomputers in the palm of their hand that allow them access to any content instantly. Well, after six years of protecting both children and adults, we’ve decided that it’s time to give back.  We feel that there’s so much adult content out on the Internet and it is just too easy for kids to access, that we want to take our technology, and years of experience and give a little back to parents and others around the world.

We have been busy working on our technology and will be announcing other new services soon that deal with security for all users. Rest assured, we will be your trusted partner for now and beyond.

Thanks and have a great 2019! We will continue to tirelessly work on your and your children’s behalf.


Carl, CEO of Netsanity

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