Parental Controls for Android (Samsung)

Netsanity parental controls for Android are a powerful way to protect your children on their Samsung phones and tablets. 

Android Parental Control Features:

Parental Control Dashboard - Cell Usage Data

We designed our Android parental controls to make sure kids get the most out of their mobile devices, while at the same time staying protected and following your rules, and when it’s time to put them down Netsanity can help with that as well.

Netsanity is a parental control service. What does that mean? It means that not only do we provide best-in-class technology, but we provide the service behind that technology to make sure it works out perfectly for your family.  

Along with our core set of premium features we have additional Android specific features available. The power of Netsanity is in our proprietary cloud-based technology that renders our service extremely difficult to disable, unlike apps, which kids have already figured out how to “turn off”.

 Because Android is built differently than Apple iOS, here’s what you get when you join free for 14 days:

  • Unlimited access to our premium core features like blocking apps, setting time limits, blocking porn and other inappropriate content
  • Android specific features like call and text monitoring (*requires use of our full featured Android parental control app)
  • Unlimited access to our world class real-human support team to answer any questions during set up or use

Interested in giving our service a try? Currently Netsanity for Android works on all Samsung devices (phones and tablets). We will be supporting more Android devices in the very near future.  

Here’s how to get started:

  1.  Click any of our big orange sign up buttons on our website to get to our sign up (or, just click here.)
  2. Enter just your first name and valid email address to claim your free account
  3. Follow our easy to use “wizard” to activate Netsanity on your first Android device
  4. Two “device licenses” come with every free trial so you can activate two Android devices or try our iOS features if you need to protect any Apple devices like iPhone or iPad
  5.  Enjoy 14 Days of free service and check out all that Netsanity has to offer. 
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What Can Parents Do To Protect Their Children Online?


Why did we create Netsanity? To protect our kids, of course. Our children have the unique benefit of growing up in a world of awesome real-time technology. We want them to thrive with information at their fingertips and be fully protected from the dangers like predators, distracted driving and limited sleep.


With new features being rolled out and much more in the works we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve the mobile safety for both our kids and for parents. It is important to have a tool that you want to use, one that is easy and accessible from anywhere. Parents suggest features all the time. Come grow with us!

*Google now requires that all apps in the Play Store need to disable access to the SMS and Phone controls unless they are specific apps for Phone and SMS. Netsanity still makes the full version available directly by having our customers download the full Netsanity Agent separate from the Play Store . Please note that there will be additional screens during the setup that require permissions. If you feel more comfortable with the version available in the Google Play store, please understand that SMS and Phone controls will not be available. If a few permissions screens don’t bother you be sure to download our full version (link provided during sign up).

Current Netsanity Android App on Play Store (limited version)

Powerful Features Designed For Samsung Android

disable apps


Enable or disable specific websites and build a custom internet for your school-aged kids. This feature can be quite powerful when combined with other features. With our Android disable apps tool simply click “Disable” or “Enable” to control if the app is accessible on the controlled device.

Using our disable apps feature on Android you can stop apps from opening on the device regardless of whether or not they exist in our appblocker tool. Perfect for non-internet based apps!


block texts

Block SMS texting from any phone number with a simple click of your mouse or a tap of your finger. Alternatively, block all texting instantly. Get control back of who your child is texting with.

stop calls

Similar to blocking texting, on Android phones Netsanity can also block calls from specific phone numbers or contacts as well as simply block all calls globally. If calling or late night calling is a problem in your family use this feature in combination with our online scheduler.

locate device

Locate any android device enrolled in netsanity in a matter of seconds. Get accurate readings direct from the device GPS information.

manage data

  • See data usage by device
  • Adjust the amount of cellular data that can be used by a user
  • Limit data use in daily, weekly, or monthly periods
  • Adjustable from 0 – 20GB per period
  • See data usage for each app – both cellular and wifi

Once Installed the Netsanity Android App (Currently for Samsung Devices) Can’t Be Removed by Your Child or Teen

On Android Samsung devices you will install our Android app on your child’s device in order to manage that device. The best part is your crafty kid won’t be able to figure out how to uninstall this app! Set a secure parent’s code and stop worrying whether your parental controls are actually installed.

Try for free!

Activate on two devices!

Start your free trial and get access to two device licenses that will allow you to try all features unlimited on two different devices. For example your child’s Samsung phone and tablet, or maybe you want to try one Android device and one Apple device.

Manage from anywhere!

Your Netsanity parental dashboard is available from any Internet connected device. Log in and just check your child’s activity, set new rules, quickly turn timeout on and off, and more. All features can be found on your dashboard including our world famous support!