Parental Controls for Android (Samsung)

Netsanity parental controls for Android are a powerful way to protect your children on their Samsung phones and tablets. 

  • Block texts and calls from any device
  • Set time limits that stick
  • Control inappropriate content; block all porn
  • Locate the device in seconds
  • Manage and limit data on Samsung devices
  • Premium US Based support
  • Currently works on Samsung mobile devices

We designed our Android parental controls to make sure kids get the most out of their mobile devices, while at the same time staying protected and following your rules, and when it’s time to put them down Netsanity can help with that as well.

Children Are Exposed To Bullying And Shaming Online


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What Can Parents Do To Protect Their Children Online?


Why did we create Netsanity? To protect our kids, of course. Our children have the unique benefit of growing up in a world of awesome real-time technology. We want them to thrive with information at their fingertips and be fully protected from the dangers like predators, distracted driving and limited sleep.


With new features being rolled out and much more in the works we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve the mobile safety for both our kids and for parents. It is important to have a tool that you want to use, one that is easy and accessible from anywhere. Parents suggest features all the time. Come grow with us!