disable apps

Use our feature available exclusively on Android Samsung devices to disable any app that is installed on the managed device. Kids can click and tap but those darn icons do nothing!


Extra Capabilities

Exclusively on Android blocking apps becomes even more powerful. Of course, you can block apps included in our appblocker tool, now with Android you can disable apps installed on the managed device as well. Even if that app is not currently profiled in our appblocker tool, you can still render the app icon useless by disabling.

Disable what you want

What apps can you disable on Android using Netsanity? Any apps installed on the device. You don’t have to wait for us to add the app to our appblocker tool in order to disable. From the moment you enroll an Android (Samsung currently) mobile device in Netsanity you will be able to see a list of all apps installed on that device.