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Free Guides for Parents

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iMessage Guide

A free guide detailing the steps to view and monitor the iMessages on your child's iPhone.
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App Guide

A free guide describing all of the most popular apps that your children use.
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Social Media Guide

Want to learn all about social media and the apps that power them? Get all the information you need here.
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Digital Addiction

Digital addiction is real. Learn about the dangers and solutions in our free guide.
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About Netsanity

We are an American company, started by two dads and a mom with school-aged children. Like many other parents, we were exhausted trying to find a way to protect our kids from the dangers of the internet. When we were growing up, the biggest issue our parents faced was to make sure we did not hog the phone too long, or watch too much television! Well, how times have changed!

Now, it seems that every home contraption is internet enabled. Kids have phones and tablets that can reach anything and anyone. After 12 months of testing and programming, along with countless nights of researching and coding, we created something that we believe, does not currently exist – a simple, affordable, and transparent cloud service that can be installed on an Apple device to give a parent control and peace of mind!

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