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You will have access to our awesome US based team for complete support via email & chat.

You will get access to exclusive discounts and savings if you choose to upgrade to a paid plan. 

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Keith D.

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"So far our favorite tool is appblocker. So simple, kind of fun too!" Alyssa C.

This is the account you will log into as the parent. Use a password that is secure and your kids won't guess!  After you create your account, you will be immediately logged into your Netsanity dashboard and be able to activate your kids devices!

Parent's In Over 60 Countries Trust Our Parental Controls to Protect Their Kids


Netsanity makes managing and protecting 

your kids mobile devices easy!

How? By providing simple tools that parents around the world are looking for in mobile parental controls. Block inappropriate apps, control game play, set bedtimes that stick, block X and R rated content - plus way more!

Our kids get to grow up with the power of the Internet at their fingertips. Let them experience all the good that comes with that, while taking away the bad. 

If you are worried about: chatting with strangers, too much texting, tired teens, too much gaming, inappropriate content, or just want to keep an eye on things for now, Netsanity is the perfect tool. 

Are we a replacement for you? No way! We are your ally. Your sidekick. Your easy to use, available anytime, always watching mobile parental control software that lets you parent the way you see fit. 

Try us free for 14 days to see if we are a good fit for your family.

“Been using your parental controls for two weeks and love the service. It is truly unique in its capabilities for mobile devices. “

Matthew M.

Netsanity is affordable, too!

Netsanity was created by parents, for parents. We get it. You have tried reasoning and asking politely. But now you need something that works! Something strong enough to resist even the most determined of teens, the smartest of kids. You need Netsanity on your side.

After your free trial, if you think Netsanity is the right tool for you then you have the option to upgrade to a paid plan. You can select a monthly plan that you can cancel anytime, or you can select an annual plan and add additional savings by purchasing a year of Netsanity upfront.

Plans start at just $6.95/mo to protect one device and it starts going down from there! The more devices you protect the more you save! Throw in a coupon when you select an annual plan and get Netsanity for just pennies per day! Start your free trial today to receive your upgrade coupons in your email!

Watch a complete overview of Netsanity!

“We use Netsanity exclusively to help monitor and control the content on the kid's iPads. They do not need to do anything and we control everything remotely. “

Mary P.

What is included in my free trial?

You can activate Netsanity on 2 devices and use over 20 premium features free for 2 weeks. No credit card required. Also, full support available to get you set up and comfortable.

What devices does Netsanity work on?

Netsanity currently works on all Apple iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch along with all Samsung mobile Android devices.

Is Netsanity software I install on my computer?

No, Netsanity is 100% cloud based. You can login and manage your activated devices from any Internet-enabled device browser.

Is there any training available?

Yes! We have complete documentation in our support knowledgebase along with full walkthroughs and training videos. Everything is easily accessible through your dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

(plus 20 other premium features, unlimited)

What apps can Netsanity block?

We can block over 50 apps currently and soon to be many more! On Apple devices use Appblocker to block these apps, and on Samsung you can use Appblocker PLUS disable any app installed on your child's device.

Can I cancel my plan if I need to?

Of course.  During you trial you will not need to cancel. If you do not think Netsanity is right for you, then simply do not upgrade. If you do upgrade, and then decide later to stop using Netsanity, it's super easy to cancel your paid account in seconds. 

Features That Work Hard To Give You Peace Of Mind. Simple but powerful.

block over 50 apps

Block over 50 apps and games with the click of a button. Say goodbye to inappropriate SnapChat photos and Twitter posts. Popular entertainment apps, like YouTube and Pandora are already in our database. We work alongside parents to identify new apps and games to add to our database, and adjust our Blocked Apps list frequently based on demand. Managing Android Samsung devices? Check out how you can disable apps not in our appblocker too!

make bedtime a real thing

Remotely enable or disable internet access in one-hour increments and make study time and bedtime non-negotiable. Timeblocker also works great as a reward for good behavior. Completed homework and chores can translate to more screen time. Timeblocker can be used in conjunction with timeout for even tighter control.

block R and X rated content

Use our premium content filtering to enable or disable over 30 categories — such as hate speech, porn and advertisements—and stop worrying about explicit content popping up on your school-aged kids’ iPads. It’s as simple as a click on your dashboard, which can be accessed online from any device.

safely search Google & Bing

Worried about what your kids might stumble onto while searching Google and Bing? Any searches done on Google or Bing will go through their respective filtering and show only appropriate content, images, and videos.

set up instant "digital timeouts"

Our newest feature! You requested it! Customize a timeout that makes sense for your family. Combine different features to make single click timeout. You have got to try this!

Tons of additional features PLUS mix and match all our features to make parental controls that are custom and personalized to your family. Whether your kids are just getting into personal device age (7-10) or teens starting to drive and socialize on their own - Netsanity is the perfect tool for you to give them their freedom, let them enjoy their mobile devices but stay safe and healthy!



Block X-rated adult web content.

PREMIUM: 1 Device


All features. Unlimited. Protect 1 Device.

PREMIUM: 2 Devices


All features. Unlimited. Protect 2 Devices.

3 Devices


4 Devices


5 Devices


After your completely free trial you can select a monthly or annual plan. Watch your email for special coupons to use on annual plans to make Netsanity cost just pennies per day. We offer both a Lite and Premium plan.




Block X-rated adult web content.

PREMIUM: 1 Device


All features. Unlimited. Protect 1 Device.

PREMIUM: 2 Devices


All features. Unlimited. Protect 2 Devices.

3 Devices



4 Devices

5 Devices


Need bulk pricing?  Contact our friendly team today!

Watch us block apps in one click!

Watch us set and forget bedtime!

Watch us block whole categories of the Internet!

Watch how Netsanity works with your kid's school WiFi!

Block Porn/Nudity Categories
Filter web content of 30+ categories
Protect Multiple Devices
Force VPN On
Self-provided online support
Provides last known location info
Custom Scheduler
Profiled app and game blocking
Whitelist & Blacklist Websites
Disable device camera
Hide or disable the web browser
Prevent installation of apps
Disable fingerprint reader
Prevent the taking of screenshots
Disable app stores
Notify parent of any new app installation
Disable ALL SMS texting on Android Samsung
Block SMS & calls to/from contacts on Android Samsung
Show current battery condition
Disable all apps & games (including non-internet apps)
See WiFi & Data Usage
SafeWiFi - works seamless with protected school networks
Premium 24/7/365 support

Current List of Features Included in Your Free Trial and Premium Account


Protect Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Samsung mobile devices.

Popular Monthly Plans

Popular Annual Plans

*Plans for devices up to 25 are also available. Coupon discounts available for any annual plan.

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