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Parenting these days is no easy task. Since 2013, parents in over 70 countries have been using Netsanity daily to manage their family's mobile devices. We are all parents too, and we get it!

Netsanity makes it simpler.    

No figuring out individual controls. No downloading apps. We've built a simple service that works hard for your family every day behind the scenes. Your job is hard enough. Let us help make it a little easier.   

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  • Block Porn/Nudity Categories
  • Filter YouTube Videos
  • Create Custom Schedules
  • Setup A Digital Timeout
  • Block 70+ Apps & Games
  • Disable Device Camera
  • Much, much, more!

"We use Netsanity exclusively to help monitor and control the content on the kid's iPads. They do not need to do anything and we control everything remotely."

- Matthew

"Been using your parental controls for two weeks and love the service. It is truly unique in its capabilities for iOS devices."

- Mary

Instantly block 70+ Apps & Games using our appblocker feature.

A single click or tap blocks R & X Rated Content from your child's device. Regardless of browser! 

A single click or tap blocks R & X Rated Content from your child's device.

Instantly block 70+ Apps & Games to prevent unwanted use. 

Parental dashboard. Manage your children and their devices all from one central dashboard.

No workarounds. Your smart children will not be able to remove or disable.

20+ Parent Benefits. Premium capabilities other "apps" or "safe browser"s don't provide.

iOS Parental App. Manage your Netsanity account anywhere, anytime with our app!

Get access to:

Support when you need it. Use our knowledgebase and live support to become a Netsanity master!

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