How to Simplify Protecting Your Kids on iOS

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Combine Multiple Apps and Programs to Get the iOS Parental Control Features You Need

When you have a teen that has their own iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you want to protect them. There are many different dangers that are awaiting kids while they are online. While a phone does make it easier for them to keep in touch with you, they also allow your child access to the Internet and the ability to call, email, text or message anyone they like.

Instead of giving your child free reign on the internet before they’re ready to understand all of the hidden dangers, you may want to look into iOS parental control features.

Traditionally, your options are limited to the below parental control settings and various apps, and to get the desired results you may have to download up to 3 to 5 separate apps for each device you want to protect.

By using a cloud service such as Netsanity, you can get the best features rolled into one trustworthy, simple to use service, and deploy it instantly to as many iOS devices and users as you like. Our iPhone and iPad Parental controls are done from the cloud.

The Problem with iOS App blocking

As a parent, you may accomplish this by requiring a password before any new apps are able to be downloaded, even free ones. Your child will have to ask your permission and have you enter the password before they download any apps. This setting is controlled via the iOS restrictions tab.

This means that you can control exactly what apps are on their smartphone, even if they’re using their phone or tablet when you’re not around. This is free and a good substitute for not having any controls. However, a practical challenge is that the parent or guardian needs to be available locally each time a child wants a new app downloaded.

It also limits the functionality, since no safe free apps can be downloaded without a parent being available. Do you really want to download, try, and research each app your child wants to use? You might lose your sanity in the process!

We have our own team, and collectively other parents, that learn everything about the most dangerous apps and constantly update new apps to our list, saving you the research and time.

Safe Browsers are Great – 14% of the time

One of the biggest dangers of any smartphone is the ability to view anything a child wants on the Internet. Instead of allowing your child free reign, you can restrict the sites they can visit on their phone or device. This can easily be accomplished by downloading a browser app that is safe to use and easily restricts websites, by using its built-in content filtering software.

You can then disable all other browsers on the phone, such as Safari, and prevent your child from downloading other browsers. This way, you’ll know they’re only visiting websites you approve of. Again, this is typically a free option and there are some fantastic free safe browsers out there.

Of course as with many things if it was only that easy!

Did you know that most children and teens do not use mobile browsers? Studies show us that a staggering 86% of internet mobile use is performed via apps and not browsers. Most internet content that kids access has an associated app (kids use the Twitter or Instagram app, not or so while a safe browser makes logical sense, it will offer no protection for email, social media, chat or unintended app use.

Limitations on Setting Time Limits

iphone-parental-controls-ios-restrictionsChildren love playing on their smartphone, but it can easily become a distraction. They’ll play games and socialize on their favorite social internet app instead of doing homework, or they’ll stay up late at night and be drowsy in school.

To prevent this and restrict the time they’ll spend staring at the small screen, you can download apps that allow you to put time limits on the phone. At the end of the time limit, the phone will be locked. Your child will need your permission and the password to continue to use their phone after the time runs out.

There are only a few dedicated apps or solutions to this problem, however most have low ratings or complaints of bugs and errors.

More importantly, and specifically for Apple iOS, these are apps can be disabled in seconds by the child. All they need to do is to double click the home button and swipe up to “End” the program – effectively removing your settings. Hence, these solutions are only viable for very young kids.

For Android, you have more options.

Setting Passwords to Prevent Purchases and App Downloads

Your kids Apple mobile device is likely tied to your credit card through the iTunes store and iCloud, so apps or items within apps can be easily purchased. However, this is something you’re going to want to be careful with so your child can’t spend money on your credit card without your knowledge.

To prevent purchases, you can set the phone to never allow any purchases with the credit card on file unless a master password is entered. With Netsanity, for example you can force the device to always ask for the iCloud password which forces them to ask Mom or Dad to login before downloading apps.

These are just some of the general and iOS parental controls you can use to protect your child, tween, or teen. Many times, our kids aren’t really aware of the hidden dangers of a smartphone or the Internet.

Even if they are aware of them, it can be hard to avoid them. By using parental controls, you can easily control the content your child can view on their phone.

You can also control the apps they’re allowed to use and the amount of time they can spend on the phone.


Netsanity Combines the Best iOS Parental Control Features Into One Easy to Manage Online Dashboard ~ Adjust Settings for any registered Apple Mobile Device, from Any Computer in the World

Instead of individual configurations on each device and the need to download different free apps to get the parental control features you need to protect your kids, instead try Netsanity to instantly protect an unlimited number of kids, tweens or teens for your Apple Mobile Devices. You can get started today by signing up for a free 14-day trial, and get your Sanity back!

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