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Your parenting super powers are active!

You did it! Congratulations. Your Netsanity account is now active and you can start utilizing the power of Netsanity to manage and protect the mobile devices in your home. (not a customer?). To get a quick start guide to your account simply scroll through this page and watch the videos. Use the “I want to…” menu to jump to a specific section.

To get started you need to do two things:

1. Create users in your account

2. Enroll the devices connected to those users

Let’s get started by adding your users. Remember, you will be receiving a series of emails highlighting our best features, some useful how-to’s and more important information you should know about Netsanity. Be on the look out, and enjoy!




Adding Users & Enrolling Devices

In order to use Netsanity you will need to add at least one user to the dashboard and assign at least one device to that user.  Adding a user and enrolling a mobile device is simple, please watch the video below to see how it is done.

Click here to see our full guide on adding users and enrolling devices for both Apple iOS and Android customers.

Not so bad, right? Now enroll that device to start using the service.

Now that you have Users added and Devices enrolled, you can start to explore our features. We have a lot! It may be the reason you signed up in the first place.

To help you set up Netsanity for the reasons that are important to you and your family, please use the list of “tasks” to jump to that lesson!




Dashboard Overview




Blocking Apps & Games

Blocking apps is easy using our appblocker tool. For Android users you also have the option to disable apps that are installed on the controlled device. This is independent of whether or not the app exists in our appblocker. For all customers, by using appblocker you can instantly block over 50 profiled apps and games. Watch the video below to see how.

Read our full support guide to appblocker here.




Setting Time limits & Scheduling

One of the major benefits to Netsanity is being able to set and forget blocking schedules based on your needs. Our cloud-based scheduling tool can be accessed from any internet enabled device by logging into your dashboard and clicking on “timeblocker” in the sidebar. In 1 hour increments you can block and unblock apps, the internet, and more.

Read more about using timeblocker in our full support guide here.




Enabling Safesearch for Google & Bing


Kids need to search online. It’s how research gets done these days. School papers, science projects and more – Google search is a great thing! But not all results are great. That’s why you want to enable safesearch which only shows appropriate results for searches done on both Google and Bing. To enable simple toggle “safesearch” to “green” status in your dashboard. For more, watch the video below.

Click here to read more in depth support on safesearch.




Filtering Porn & Other Categories

Powerful content filtering makes all the difference when keeping your kids safe online. Our catblocker tool does just that. Simply block or unblock entire categories of websites. Block porn easily. Our database is updated daily.

Click here to read our full support article on category filtering. 




Locating Enrolled Devices

One of our newest features, simply log into your parental dashboard and click “Manage Device” in the Devices section of your dashboard home screen.  You will now see an updated Google Map showing you the location of your device and some other useful information like battery life, storage space and installed apps.





Explore more features


By now you have learned a lot of the most important elements of Netsanity. But there is so much more. Explore our help articles, our blog and your parental dashboard to learn just how much Netsanity can do.