Smart Mobile Parental Controls. Get 14 Days Free.

Set Rules & Restrictions on Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Samsung Mobile Devices From Anywhere.

Includes 20+ Premium Features including: Block Apps, Block Porn, Our Parent’s Apple iOS App & YouTube Filtering!

Now You Are In Complete Control of the Mobile Devices In Your Home. Protect Your Kids & Enforce Your Rules With Our Powerful Suite of Samsung/Android and iPhone Parental Controls. Try 20+ Features On 2 Devices, Free. Now includes our brand new iOS app for parents & YouTube Filtering!

Works On: iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch | Samsung Android Devices

  • Instantly add 20+ protection features and device restrictions to any iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Samsung Android mobile device
  • Block Popular Apps Like SnapChat, Sarahah & Instagram with 1 Click or Tap!
  • Shield your child from X-rated content; NEW! YouTube Filtering
  • Make bedtime easier with accurate daily scheduler
  • Includes iOS Apple App for parents. Set rules & restrictions on the go!
  • Try all features FREE for 14-days, no credit card required

Parenting Is Hard Enough Without Having To Guess What Your Children Are Doing On Their Mobile Devices. With Netsanity, You Are In Control. Access a Powerful Suite of Parental Controls & Restrictions From Anywhere In The World, Giving You Peace of Mind.

Parental Controls That Work

When it comes to parental controls one size does not fit all. Netsanity has over 20 premium features that let you personalize how the service works for your family. For instance, if you are looking for iPhone parental controls in order to block Snapchat from being used on your teenager’s device we can do that. Or, you might be looking for advanced content filtering in order to provide a safe online experience for your younger children. Whatever your needs are, Netsanity is prepared to deliver. And the best part? Netsanity cannot be removed or disabled without your approval.  Our top features are below, you can see all features here.

appblocker - block apps on iphone and ipad | Netsanity

Block apps on iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and Android Samsung devices along with most games with the click of a button. This is the Netsanity feature parents love the most!

Block Websites on iPhone and Android | iPhone Parental Controls | Netsanity

Allow or block specific websites and build a custom internet for your school-aged kids. Siteblocker gives you full control over where you kids surf the web.

Schedule Time Limits on Apple and Android Device | Netsanity

Remotely enable or disable internet access in one-hour increments and make study time and bedtime non-negotiable. Set flexible bedtimes for kids. Very popular iPad Parental Control!

Safe Search Google Bing | Netsanity

Make sure your kids are finding appropriate content online via search engines. Built-in restrictions block explicit content in app stores and safe browsers can be bypassed or uninstalled. Safesearch works!

Premium Content Filtering for Apple iOS & Android | Netsanity

Use our premium content filtering to enable or disable over 30 categories and stop worrying about explicit content popping up on your school-aged kids’ smartphones and tablets.
Even more…
YouTube Filtering
Make YouTube safe for your children to browse and search videos. We automatically remove inappropriate screenshots and comments.
Premium Support
We hope Netsanity is easy to use for you, but just in case we have a team of US based support ready to help.

Download And Try Our New Apple App And Take Netsanity On The Go!

Our most popular features are now available on our parental control app on the Apple App Store. With more features coming soon, our iOS app is the easiest way to manage your Nesanity account while on the go!

Download our free app on the iTunes App Store today! Use with your free trial for the complete Netsanity experience.

  • Set individual rules for each child added
  • Turn our “Timeout” feature on and off easily, anytime.
  • Block and unblock apps using appblocker
  • Block porn or any other category using catblocker
  • Toggle device restrictions on and off
  • Easily check your child’s device last check-in time
  • Login with Touch ID/ Face ID
Block apps on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung
Block porn and categories with Netsanity content filtering
Device restrictions on Apple iOS and Google Android Samsung
Login to Netsanity parental controls app anywhere

Parents are loving their new found “sanity”!

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Thank you so much for the quick [support] turnaround, and what a cool app for parents like me that are on the go and not always in front of a computer. Thanks to Netsanity for listening and enabling new solutions!
Jennifer L.
Thanks for your quick response. Y'all are really awesome!
Cindy Johnson

Very quick to respond and was very helpful!


Great, fast service!


We were very happy that there was no issue with using data with the VPN used by net sanity. Though the safe search issue was frustrating, we were totally happy with the service provided by the support/tech team in solving it as quickly as possible! I'm already certain I'd recommend net sanity to others. Thanks!


Been using your parental controls for two weeks and love the service. It is truly unique in its capabilities for iOS devices.


Thanks to the tech and support team for promptly communicating with us for several hours to solve the safe search issue - and resolving it!


Customer service is top notch!

Amy in Germantown TN

Keep it up and thanks for all you do! We now can use these iOS parental controls at my sons school with the new safe wifi feature. They were blocking it before so it works great again! Anyway let us know when the Android version is out.

Manny in Dallas, TX

Just a shout out and thank you for the discount! Our small school has about 8 tablets for special needs children. We use Netsanity exclusively to help monitor and control the content on the kid's iPads. They do not need to do anything and we control everything remotely.